Shaolin Temple
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A) Basics

This is were you will learn the fundementals of Shaolin Kung Fu. The fundementals are very important in that it is the key to learning and understanding the more advanced movements. The fundementals are:

  1. Stances, horse stance, bow stance, and many more.
  2. Fundamental motions of the hands, feet, and legs.
  3. Combined motions of the feet and leg, which are used for balancing, jumping, falling, flipping, and rolling techniques.
  4. Flexibility of the shoulders and arms, the waist, and the legs.
  5. Basic forms, the forms include tradition Shaolin Forms that are specifically for beginners, 5 Stance Form, Continuous Fist, Shao Hong Fist, and Lohan Fist forms.

B) Intermediate

Once a student has trained at the temple for six months or more, they are eligible to take a scheduled test of the basics. Once the student passes the test, he/she will move on to more advanced movements, forms, and weapons.

  1. Weapon forms include: staff, spear, broadsword, straight sword, and many other long, short, soft and hard weapon forms.
  2. Sparring forms include: empty hand, weapons, and empty hand against weapons practicing methods.
  3. Advanced movements include many jumping and tumbling techniques.

C) Internal Energy

Study of Internal training are open to all students, basic, intermediate, or advanced. Keep in mind that internal exercise is very important and is considered the essence of Shaolin Kung Fu by many practitioners and instructors alike.

  1. Fundamental techniques include the circulation of qi, together with physical motions that facilitate the circulation of qi.
  2. Internal energy forms include Yi Jin Jing, Eight-Section Exposition, I-Jin (Tendon Exchange) Procedure, the Twelve Great Energy Method, Jin-Gang (Diamond) Fist, Soft Fist, Marrow-Cleansing Procedure, and many other internal forms.

D) Advanced Training

The benefits derived from Shaolin Martial Arts teaching are based on individual student's talents, and the comprehension is based on their individual maturity. Those students who are specially talented in Shaolin Martial Arts will receive special training to fully realize their potential.