Shaolin Temple
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Rules of Conduct

  1. No meat products permitted in the Temple
  2. Upon arrival, all students should greet Shifu and with the proper gesture for greeting a Buddhist Monk; namely, with palms together and a slight bow.
  3. Student without an ID card will not be permitted to participate in class.
  4. Students should attempt to arrive to class on time. Late comers should wait at the entrance of training area until instructor acknowledges the student's arrival.
  5. Students must perform a half-bow upon entering and exiting the training area.
  6. All Students must wear the appropriate uniform (the orange t-shirt and black pants) during class.
  7. No talking during class!
  8. No sitting during practice!
  9. Do not instruct others without permission. Do not seek instruction from other students.
  10. Do not handle any weapons unless authorized by Shifu.
  11. Clean up after yourself. Do not leave trash or clothing lying around the Temple or in the dressing rooms. Clothing left in the dressing rooms for more than a few days will be disgarded.
  12. No runing or horseplaing in the Temple.
  13. Pay your dues on time!
  14. The Temple is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Nonetheless, any theft or suspected theft should be reported to a staff member at once.
  15. The Temple is a place of prayer and should be treated with respect, meaning there should be no cursing or any form of disrespectful behavior towards the Temple, to other students, and especially to any of the instructors and Shifu.