Shaolin Temple

Grandmaster Guolin


Grandmaster Guolin was born into a Buddhist, martial family in Henan, China. He has a strong heritage of Shaolin Kung Fu from his Mother's side. At age seven he began his martial art training with his family, especially his Grandfather.

At age 15, he dedicated himself to Buddhism. One year later, he left for Shaolin Temple, a pilgrimage he made by walking of over 300 miles across China. In Shaolin Temple he spent all his time practicing martial arts and Chan Buddhism. Grandmaster Guolin is also well versed in Taoism and Confuscianism. He become a Transmission Disciple in 1985 of Venerable Shi Yongxin who was in inaugurated in 2000 as the 30th abbot of the Shaolin Temple. He has dedicated himself whole-heartedly to learning, practicing, spreading and developing the Shaolin tradition for more than 20 years and won the reputation of Iron Arhat. He was the head coach of martial arts at the Shaolin headquarters in China. Before coming to America, he was the successor disciple of the present abbot Master Monk Yong Xin and was assigned to be the inheritor of the 34th generation of the Shaolin tradition.

Fascinated by the diversities of culture and religion in the United States, he decided to share the Shaolin heritage with people living in this country and came to New York in 1992. In September of 2013, Grandmaster Guolin began teaching at the new Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters in Northport (Long Island), NY. He continues to share with his students Shaolin traditional culture by providing the unique Unity of Chan and Body way of teaching; strengthening both the physical body and focused mind as one. All are welcome to experience Shaolin Kungfu and Qigong.